Business Intelligence

Business Objects, is used for flexible customised reporting on the data held in the many software applications in use at the University.

Business Objects (BO) as used at the University uses two tools for production of reports:

  • Web Intelligence (WI) – a web-enabled report design tool that extracts data using BO Universes. Universes are a customised subset of the underlying data from the source database(s).  WI is accessed via Infoview, the BO web front end.
  • Crystal Reports (CR) – a widely used report design tool bought by BO some years ago. It can create reports with or without the use of BO Universes.  Reports are published in Infoview where they are run.
  • In Infoview, reports, whether WI or CR created, can be viewed, run and scheduled.  The output can be emailed to users in pdf or spreadsheet format, or as a link to an HTML document.

In the jargon of today, this platform, provides the University with a Business Intelligence capability.  Some of the current uses to which it has been put are:

  • By the Estates Office’s for reporting on buildings and rooms from data held in EMIS, CMIS and CAD applications
  • By Finance for reporting on debtors, ledgers and expenditure
  • By the IISS Service Desk to provide analysis of logged calls and assets
  • By the Secretary’s office and the Academic Registry to provide reports combining basic student information with module , financial, and footfall information
  • by the Academic Registry to produce individual student timetables
  • by Registry to report module statistics. 

Getting Access
To view existing reports – You need to get suitable authorization via your line manager to gain access to specified reports.  Your line manager raises the request with the Service Desk who will route the request to the BO administrator for creation of a BO account and appropriate access rights.

Developing and Publishing New Reports –  A similar route to that for Viewing, but a developer account is created instead.  Training is online using the help facilities with some assistance from the BO administrator. Note BO Universe and report creation is the responsibility of the requesting user obtaining appropriate expertise in the nature of the data available and designing their own reports; there is no central service to do this for them.

Having gained either forms of access you need to access the BO webpage to login to the facility.

For report and universe development, help pages are available at the SAP site