Desktop Services

Windows Desktop Services
Standard staff PCs are provided with Microsoft Windows and standard office software tools. Additional desktop applications may be installed using the Add or Remove Programs option from the Windows Control Panel.

Requests for more specialised applications should be submitted to the Service Desk.

Apple Mac Services
The University’s standard desktop PC runs Windows; however there is a sizeable community of Apple Mac users. In particular those running or attending courses where the Apple Mac and its applications are deemed to be preferable.

There are several hundred Apple Mac s across the University, in Lecture theatres and Apple Mac Lab classrooms, which are also used as Apple Mac Open Access Studios when not in use for teaching.

 Your first source of help with an Apple Mac issue is the dedicated set of help pages published by Apple Mac Services on the website to provide a self diagnostic service and knowledge base to help you through certain standard problems you may encounter; for more details click here Mac Help.

If this fails to help then; as always; your next step is to contact Service Desk. Make sure that you include the information that this is for an AppleMac when you log your request with the Service Desk.

Apple Mac services also provide help, advice and support to third party organizations, staff and students utilising their own Apple Macs on wireless connections. For assistance please contact the Service Desk Service Desk

Apple Mac systems software and standard Apple Mac application software are updated at least once a year. This service is performed following consultation with faculties to ensure that studios and classrooms have the latest versions of software and include any customisation and specialist applications required for teaching purposes.

If you need assistance or wish to make requests of this nature please contact the Service Desk.

Advice and Help: The Apple Mac service provides purchasing advice for hardware, Apple Mac system and application’s software as requested by staff. This may be anything from an ad-hoc request from an individual or the provision of a new purpose built Apple Mac teaching room.

To get this sort of help, please contact the Service Desk.