Disability – IT Support Services

This service is provided by Disabilities and Dyslexia Service (DDS), a part of the Student Services Department.

The University has a policy of mainstreaming assistive technology in order to be as inclusive as possible for all students.

This has seen the loading of networked software and the beginnings of a bank of equipment for loan to students who don’t receive direct assistance from the government’s Disabled Students Allowances.

The service fulfils the following functions:-

  • Advise University staff on the assistive technology available to students (networked and government funded).
  •  Advise ISS on potential software / hardware for purchase.
  •  Advise students on the assistive technology available eg through Welcome Week events and DDS workshops

The University has a variety of software/hardware available for example networked versions of JAWS, Supernova, TextHelp Read and Write Gold, Mind Genius. They also provide digital voice recorders and laptops for temporary loan. There are CCTV magnifiers in some libraries.
There is an ongoing production of training materials. TextHelp Read and Write Gold includes video tutorials of all functions. Periodically workshops are held but more commonly assistance is provided on an ad hoc basis.

You may contact the Disabilities and Dyslexia Service with your requirements by email at dds.studentservices@londonmet.ac.uk. or by telephone – please click the following for full DDS telephone and building location information – Disabilities and Dyslexia Location Info

For further details of services provided please click DDS Services