Student Enquiries (MIS Line)

MIS Line is an application available to PSD and Academic Staff. It combines information from the student records (SITS) and the financial (eFinancials) systems to provide a holistic view of individual students and modules.

The information available includes:

  • Basic details of a module and the students taking it
  • Applicant Records
  • Student Records
  • Student  Academic Results
  • Students Finance Reports
  • Students Personal Finance Details.

Access to the application, and the different types of information within it, is restricted and made available on a need to know basis, and must be approved by your line manager.

To request access to MIS Line, email the Academic Registry using , requesting access to MIS Line, giving the following information:

  • Your ICT Account ID
  • Your full name
  • Your line manager’s name.

Access to the application is currently from the MIS Line link found under the Staff section of the Metranet home page or click here MisLine.

Full help facilities are available online within the application. If you experience any issues or difficulties please contact the Service Desk.