Payment Systems

Automated Payments (ALBACS)
This is the BACS payment system utilised by the University, for automated payments to suppliers, staff and others. It is also used to process student tuition fees being paid in instalments.

Batches of authorised payments are transmitted to this system from the main financial & accounting system, eFinancials, for supplier payments; or from Payroll for staff salaries; or from eCollect for Direct Debit collection of payments from students and others using a staged payment scheme to pay the University.

ALBACS then interacts with the Clearing Banks’ BACS payment system to effect the necessary financial transactions in and return the confirmations or any failures back to eFinancials for updating of the appropriate ledgers.

Direct Debit Collection ( eCollect)
eCollect manages multiple Direct Debit collections payments for the entire transaction life cycle, from initial mandate to completion.

The main use of this service is to collect student tuition fees and past debts that are to be spread. The system transmits a daily file of such payments to be collected to the ALBACS system; which collects the money and transmits the payment information to eFinancials to update the ledgers.

Credit and Debit Card Payments (ePay)
ePayCard provides the ability to process credit and debit card payments over the internet. Transactions are processed in real-time via an online Payment Service Provider. The solution is adapted to take payments from students and other customers of the University, including: Student Fees and Library Fines.

ePayRec is used to process ad-hoc, instalment or recurring credit and debit card payments. The system can be used to process different types of payment, including fixed instalments of tuition fees. It can also be used as a viable alternative to post-dated cheques by allowing the set up of a one-off date-specific payment using credit or debit card

On-line shopping (eShop)
eShop  is a web store allowing staff and students to purchase all kinds of things on-line, like gym subscriptions, field trip charges, books, sports therapy clinic sessions and a host of other things.

External providers of services such as a sports therapy clinician also use this to book University rooms to provide those services in; and pay the University using this system.

Visit the eShop

EPOS Cash Receipting & ‘Chip and Pin’
This system, based in the cashier’s offices in the Tower Building and Calcutta House, accepts cash, cheque, credit card and debit card payments from students or staff. It provides an alternative to the eShop online service. All transactions that could be carried out on eShop or any of the other systems may be performed here for users who prefer not to use the online service. It provides the user with a franked receipt as opposed to the email receipt provided when using one of the web-based systems.

For further information on payment mechanisms and/or to use them please visit ePay.

Visit Financial Services for further information on Financial Services in general.