Human Resource Management (SAP HR)

Support for HR and Payroll is provided by the SAP HR system which is comprised of a number of modules supporting different HR and Payroll functions:

Personnel Administration
This SAP module captures and maintains all employee data, eg  personal details, salary, employee history and their movements within the organisation, contractual information, statutory payroll information in effect recording all major events in the employee’s lifecycle.

Organisation Management
Support for HR and Payroll is provided by the SAP HR system – This SAP module provides the ability to illustrate the organisational and reporting structures in the University. This is broken down in to Organisation Units (Faculties/Departments/Sections/); and then into positions to give an image of the University’s organisational structure.    

Time Management
This SAP module controls work schedules, annual leave, maternity leave, absences etc.

HR Reporting
This SAP module provides monthly Executive Group staff reports, HESA statutory returns, Equal Opportunities reports, monthly NSO (National Stats Office) returns, HMRC statutory returns, and Pension returns (LPFA, TP & USS).

Staff Costs
This SAP module provides for precise tracking of payments and deductions against account codes, cost centres and projects.

It provides gross to net reconciliation of costs in the form of a balance sheet of credits and debits; and the management of accounting structure.

Also reflects retrospective amendments via monthly carried and brought forward figures.