Product Evaluations and Feasibility Studies

If a department has a need for an ICT product that is not currently an approved product, ISS can work with the department to identify and select a product to meet their needs.

Products may be anything from a digital camera or lap top computer, to a specialised desk top application, to a new enterprise application.

We work directly with departments to identify product selection criteria, draw up a product shortlist, evaluate products, and assist with technical issues that may arise during the procurement process of the selected product.

Where significant investment is required, we can carry out studies to determine the technical and business feasibility of a technical solution, possibly involving proof of concept prototyping

This service is available to all University departments and can be requested by completing the Work Request Section of an ISS Work Mandate. If assistance is required with this, contact the Business Analysis team via the Service Desk ; please ensure you state in your logged call that this is for the Business Analysis team. On receipt, all Work Requests go through a prioritisation and approval process, in which the requester will be fully involved.