Staff Telephone Directory

White Pages is the internal staff directory on the Website and can be found on the University’s intranet Metranet under the staff heading; or click here White Pages.

Staff Telephone Directory Maintenance
Leavers and joiners are added to and removed from the directory once a month. If an entry need to be added or removed more urgently, contact the Service Desk.

Staff can amend their own entries as required, and should always ensure that their details are up-to-date.  Do this via the self service link that is on the front page of White Pages.

If you move offices within the same building, you may keep the same phone number. Otherwise you will be allocated a new number and will need to amend your directory White Pages entry after moving.

Generic entry changes such as Departmental or Group phones are performed by the telephonists department. Requests for such changes again should be by the Service Desk options mentioned above.

For further detailed help on telecommunication services please see telecoms service pages.