Student Administration (SITS and Evision)

Student records are managed by the SITS system, which uses Evision as a more user friendly interface to perform certain functions.  In general Academic Staff will access SITS system functions via Evision, whereas Academic Registry Staff use SITS directly.

SITS provides support for the following (not exhaustive) processes:

Admissions and Enrolment:

  • Online course applications
  • UCAS/GTTR course applications
  • Direct course applications
  • Course application processing
  • Offer processing
  • Student offer acceptance
  • Welcome week timetables
  • Enrolment of new and fast track students
  • Re-enrolment of continuing students.

Programme Management:

  • Creation of new students’ first semester programme of modules
  • Module registration
  • Programme changes
  • Student course transfers and changes of mode of attendance
  • Student withdrawals
  • Student intermissions
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Student data changes
  • Progression and awards.


  • Course work submissions
  • Marking assessments
  • Conversion of assessments to module marks
  • Results publication
  • Mitigating circumstances
  • Academic misconduct
  • Academic monitoring
  • Deferment
  • Management of assessment process.

Student Reporting, including the production of statutory returns including:  

  • Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) return
  • Higher Education Students Early Statistics Survey (HESES) return
  • Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DELHE) return.

Staff requiring a SITS account should request it from their Line Manager. The manager should fill out and submit the SITS Account Request Form

For technical support contact the Service Desk

For further information on these processes please refer to the Academic Registry

Evision may be used by staff for the following (not exhaustive) functions:

  • Student enrolment
  • Set module assessment deadlines and weightings
  • Assessment mark entry
  • Attendance monitoring
  • View class lists
  • Enter student sponsor details.

Note: The services provided to Students via Evision are defined in the Student section of this Service Catalogue.

Staff requiring an Evision account, must first get their line manager to fill out and submit the SITS Account Request Form . Once a SITS Account is created; access to Evision is made available.

Technical support for Evision is via the Service Desk

Access to the Evision is from the Metranet Home Page, under QuickLinks or click here Evision. This link also provides detailed help pages after you have logged in.

If you think the details displayed in Evision might be incorrect please contact the appropriate undergraduate or postgraduate office.