Telephone Services

ISS offer a front of house telephone service to those calling from outside the University, and to internal staff. Priority is given to external callers.

All internal extensions are dialable across both University campuses. There is no longer any need to make an external call or use a campus prefix to ring a city campus number from north campus or vice versa.

Telephone equipment and directory entries are only provided for staff.

Note there are charges for installations and relocations, for details visit Telecoms Price List

Desktop Telephones
All University staff are allocated a desktop telephone; which will normally be either a analogue handset (Berkshire Standard) or a digital handset (Siemens D70 or Optipoint 500); exceptionally other types of handset may be ordered with appropriate approval. To order new handsets contact the Service Desk.

There is a voicemail service available on your desktop telephone. For details of how to use this service please see the following link Voicemail.

Mobile Telephones
Mobile telephones are provided for some staff. Exceptionally, non-standard phones, including iphones, may be ordered with appropriate approval and a valid business case. To order a mobile phone, contact the Service Desk. You will be supplied with an authorisation form which needs to be signed off by your budget holder (usually the Head of Department).

Faults and Problems
If you have a fault or problem with your phone you should contact the Service Desk.

For further information please visit the telecoms service pages.