Timetabling and Room Allocation System (CMIS)

The CMIS (Central Management Information System) provides a repository for all centrally booked academic events and the rooms they are booked to take place in. It provides information as to where and when a particular event, such as a lecture or a seminar, is to take place and the teaching staff and students involved. Timetables generated by CMIS can be viewed here Online Timetable.

CMIS holds information about Modules and Students, and Faculties enter further details so that CMIS can allocate rooms of the correct type and capacity, on the required dates. Each year timetabling runs to a schedule and exact dates will be communicated to departments in the modular timetable document. Any alterations or cancellations should be sent by email to roombookings@londonmet.ac.uk.  Where an alternative venue is required the team will do their best to provide a nearby room with comparable facilities.

To request installation please contact your department’s senior timetable coordinator or principle CMIS user who will in turn contact Estates. On approval the request will then be forwarded to the relevant staff helpdesk for the job to be logged in the works schedule.

All requests for new CMIS installations must include the following details for each applicant:

  • Staff member’s name
  • Network user name (what you use to log into the University’s network)
  • Department
  • Office location and room number
  • Telephone extension
  • For North campus computers please include the pc asset number (written on pc base unit) and for City campus please include the PCC number (use the “Who am I?” icon on your desktop).

Staff requiring technical support, should contact the Service Desk.

If you wish to know more about CMIS please see Estate’s CMIS FAQ Page.

Adhoc Room Bookings
CMIS (Central Management Information System) provides a repository for all centrally booked rooms In addition to the main academic scheduling and the allocation of teaching locations for the semester (see Timetabling & Room Allocation service), room booking requests can be made throughout the year for centrally managed rooms that may be required for:

  • Additional classes
  • Rooms for meetings, seminars and other one off events
  • Marketing and External bookings
  • Requests via academic staff to book study rooms on behalf of students.

If there is an event or meeting you need a room for, please contact your local Department or Faculty CMIS administrator. They will have a number of locally managed rooms allocated to your department or faculty which they can make available to you under local departmental booking procedures. If they cannot provide anything suitable please refer to General Room Booking Information.