Web Collaboration

If you wish to share ideas and resources with students or colleagues; a number of options are open to you:

Start a Collaborative Blog.
Staff may request a Blog account and act as administrator/moderator for group discussions, with your students or colleagues, granting them access rights etc.

Make your request via the Service Desk, and the Web Service team will allocate accounts and an area on the website for you to use. Ongoing support and advice is also available via the Service Desk.

Staff have access to the University Wiki at wiki.londonmet.ac.uk for collaborative Web publishing. Some of the uses of the Wiki at the University are: 

  • The ISS Web Service team use it for their documentation
  • The ISS DBA team use it for Change Control and Configuration Management.

Individual pages can be restricted to an account otherwise it is generally available.

Application is via the service desk, who will arrange for The Web Team to allocate accounts and space. Service Desk

Social Networking
The University has accounts with various social networking platform providers including MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The University uses these communication channels for a variety of purposes like communicating upcoming events on Twitter, the Library’s use of YouTube for video training films on how to use Library services. 

There are no restrictions on how these services are used and you may find many other examples, or think of your own.