Web Communication

The University web site consists of two categories of web pages:

1) The University web site pages – those beginning with http://www.londonmet.ac.uk/

2)  Metranet pages – those beginning with https://intranet.londonmet.ac.uk/  

The former is externally available on the internet and the content is outward facing. These pages are used for marketing, recruitment, and the provision of general information about the University and the courses we offer.

Metranet is the University’s intranet and is primarily for the use of students and staff. It gives access to most of the services both IT and academic that you will use during your time at LondonMet; from accessing WebLearn and EVision to finding out about what is happening in the University.

Note, Metranet is visible on the internet; so may be accessed using a browser from anywhere in the world; but clicking on many links will require a valid University ID to login.

The University needs to control its internet presence and, for this reason, web publishing for students is restricted to student blogs; usually administered by a staff member. Resource is also allocated by Course / Module as and when required.

Web services available to you as a student include:

These are available to all users and are widely used. The ISS Web team set up new blogs under blogs.londonmet.ac.uk, and allocate web space, a root page and a moderator/administrator for the blog who can then allow others access to it. The moderator needs to be a member of staff.

Social Networking
The University has accounts with various social networking platform providers including MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The University uses these channels for a variety of purposes like communicating upcoming events on Twitter, the Library’s use of YouTube to store videos on how to use Library services.

There is no restriction over how these services may be used and you may find many other examples of use instigated by your lecturers and others. To see what is happening on these social networking sites click here and follow the links.