Virtual Learning Environment (Weblearn)

WebLearn is the principal Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform at LondonMet, on which e-learning takes place. It provides the tools for on-line teaching and collaborative learning as an aid to classroom teaching. These tools provide the ability to:

  • Deliver course content, like individual lecture notes or complete sets of Course Module content, and the module  syllabus
  • Provide additional resources, including reading materials, and links to outside resources in libraries and on the Internet
  • Provide Interactive online group discussions on course topics with communication support including e-mail, threaded discussions and chat rooms, with or without a moderator
  • Set self-assessment quizzes and questionnaires, which can be scored automatically by WebLearn
  • Set and receive course assignments
  • Provide assessment on assignments particularly of those assignments that can be marked automatically, such as multiple choice quizzes.
  • Act as a communication channel between students and staff.

It should be noted that even though assignments may be set and submitted using WebLearn; coursework that formally counts towards the Module result must still be submitted to the appropriate Undergraduate or Postgraduate Office.

Access to WebLearn
Prior to the start of each teaching semester your will be given access to all of the modules that you have registered for, and these will be listed when you login to WebLearn.

You can login to WebLearn from the ‘quick links’ section of the University Metranet or click Weblearn here.

If a module you have registered for is not listed, or you have any other difficulties, please contact IT and Media HelpDesk