Career opportunities in the European Union

The European Union (EU) offers a wide range of oppertunities  for graduates with French or German language skills to work in Brussels.  These roles range from policy officers to lawyers, economists,  IT technicians and even nuclear inspectors. 

The UK, however,  is extrermely under-represented, with only 6% of EU staff coming from the UK and  the government is keen to address this by raising awareness of the variety of opportunities available to students.

Although good language skills are required at every level to work in the EU, much of the day-to -day work takes place in English and  UK Nationals are therefore in high demand for both their skills and experience and their native fluency.  Students with specialities in areas such as economics, law and ICT who have the aptutide and willingness to learn another EU language are particularly sought after.

To encourage more students from the UK  (UK citizens) to consider a career in the EU the Foreign Office has put together a useful resource called Getting into the EU .

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