Trading workshop and competition – June 15

Amplify Trading is a financial futures trading firm based in Canary Wharf. At
Amplify we have built a team of traders at the cutting edge of financial markets
and now also train employees of Investment Banks as to how to
read and understand financial market movement.

 They would like to invite interested students to their Trading Work-
shop hosted at our state of the art Canary Wharf trading floor on Wednesday 15th
June 2011. During the interactive workshop you will get the opportunity to talk
with our head of trading, Piers Curran, regarding what strategies he is using in
today’s volatile markets and ask any questions you may have about recent market
movement and starting a career in trading.

The workshop will include a presentation and interactive debate on the recent fi-
nancial market conditions and the headwinds to sustainable global economic re-
covery lead by Amplify Trading’s Head of Trading Piers Curran. He will also dis-
cuss his outlook for the remainder of 2011 and how he is currently positioned in
the markets. There will also be a demonstration on professional trading systems
where you can get an insight into how accessible exchange traded products are and
how traders manage risk. During this session you will also take part in an interac-
tive trading game which gives you a real insight into how professional traders ana-
lyse and trade volatile market conditions. You will be asked to analyse breaking
news and determine how this information will impact on financial market move-
ment and position yourself in the market according to your view. The session will
end with a discussion on careers in banking and the presentation of the award for
the winner of the trading game.

This workshop will take place at Amplify Trading 50 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, E14 5NS

The schedule for the workshop is detailed below. Please enquire to reserve a place
for this event to Isabel Lacerda:

(+44) 02033728415

 Trading Workshop Schedule

15TH JUNE 2011

Piers Curran and William de Lucy – senior traders at Amplify Trading

18:30 – Introduction

18:40  – Interactive debate on recent financial market movement

19:20 – Demonstration of trading system with example trades

19:45 – Trading Game

20:45  – Review and announcement of competition winner.

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