M & S Presentation at London Met

On October 18 this year, Adam Elman, Marks and Spencer’s Head of Delivery –  Plan A and Sustainable Business, delivered a talk to 3rd year Retail Management and Fashion Marketing students.

 The talk was facilitated by Tiffany Platt from Careers, Department of Student Services. Adam talked about Marks and Spencer’s response to ecological issues, and the organisation’s responsibilities as a business.

 Module leader Ruth Marciniak and the students welcomed hearing about the ecological issues facing the industry from an employer’s perspective. Of additional interest was the fact that the talk related to students’ upcoming assignment on electric cars.

 Adam’s presentation addressed ways in which M&S has made a difference to people and the planet, for example, by reducing packaging, and numbers of carrier bags given out. He also mentioned the £50 million Plan A Innovation Fund, created to support new ideas in the business, such as a carbon neutral bra. The talk was well received by the 45 students, who attended. A lively Q&A session followed Adam’s presentation.

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