Career Capital programme with ELBA – deadline on Friday 15 February

 Want to work in the City or Canary Wharf?

East London Business Alliance (ELBA) works with some of

the world’s largest corporate firms in finance, law, IT,

insurance and more. Contrary to popular belief, the

companies do and will recruit locally. ELBA’s Career

Capital programme will help you get on their radar. This

series of focused training and networking events will help

you look and feel like the consummate professional.


What can the programme offer you?

• Equip students with the skills that graduate recruiters

and employers are looking for

• Networking opportunity at major City and Canary Wharf companies.

What do we need from you?

• You must attend every session.

• You must be interested in working in the City / Canary


The sessions

The Business club will be starting on Tuesday 26th

February from 2pm to 5pm (including 1 hour induction).

The remaining sessions will run on Wednesday

afternoons from 3pm to 5pm until 20th March. Sessions

will take place at ELBA corporate member company


To apply, please download the application form at the following link

The form can be found under the resources tab.

For more information contact: Forid.

Deadline is 15 February 2013.








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