‘Interview in Progress’ Training event – 29 May

Students are invited to partcipate in a free interview training event.

The project has been developed in collaboration with an established Role Play company, authors, screenwriters and film directors. The training event takes the form of a forum theatre model whereby students answer one job interview question and are aided by screenwriters, authors and directors to dramatise their answers, to stand out within a competitive job market.

- They are looking for volunteers to act out a simulated interview scenario in a forum theatre role-play situation with actors from a professional training company, screenwriters and film directors.- Participants will be given a specific interview question in advance, in time to prepare for the rehearsal.
- The event will take place on the 29th May (1:30pm) in the Royal College of Art lecture theatre, Battersea.
- Participants will get an opportunity to rehearse interviews with professionals and test their skills and develop creative answers for real interviews.
- Participants will be offered the chance to be part of a new experimental method of interview training.
- Participants can self assess their skills and build on others’ through working with an established role-play company, screenwriters, authors and directors within a forum theatre scenario.
For more information and RSVP: timothy.miller@network.rca.ac.uk.

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