GES Sandwich Student Placements 2014/15

 The Government Economic Service (GES) will begin accepting applications for the GES centrally-run sandwich student placement scheme for 2014-15 on Wednesday 9 October 2013 at 9.00am.  The placements are aimed at economics students who are seriously considering a career in the GES after graduation.

The list of participating Departments, job descriptions and a Word version of the application form will be published on the website on 1 October.  The opening date for applications is Wednesday 9 October at 9.00am, and the latest closing date for receipt of applications is 17.00 on Friday 11 October. However, the scheme will close before the latest closing date when a sufficient number of applications have been received, and this will be notified on the GES website. It is therefore in the students’ interests to submit their applications as soon as possible after the opening date.

Applications submitted after the scheme has closed will not be accepted, nor will those submitted before the opening date. Applicants not studying for a recognised sandwich degree course must have permission from their university to undertake a year placement. Tutor signatures will no longer be required at the initial application stage – this is to speed up the process. Instead, students will be asked to provide a reference from their university economics tutor, confirming their suitability, at the invite to interview stage.

 Although they will not begin accepting applications until 9 October, more information about the scheme itself has now been published on our website

 so that students will be able to prepare before the scheme opens

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