Mock Interviews with Credit Suisse and RBS

Careers has partnered with East London Business Alliance to give
students the opportunity to take part in Mock Interview Week with
Credit Suisse and RBS

A mock interview is one of the very best ways to prepare for future
job interviews.  As graduates face intense competition for jobs,
prepare yourself to stand out from the crowd. The mock interview will
help you to learn what is expected in a real interview, and how you
can improve the way you present yourself.

•    Increase your interview experience
•    Receive constructive feedback from professionals on your
interview technique
•    Boost your confidence in interviews

The Interview

•     Questions tailored to your CV and career objectives •  Honest
and accurate feedback about your verbal and non-verbal skills • Hosted
at the offices of Credit Suisse or RBS

Mock Interviews will take place on the following dates at the
following companies:

RBS – 13 March 2014
Credit Suisse – 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 March 2014

For more information, or to book an interview please contact:

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