ELBA’s Spring 2015 opportunities for students

Do you want to work in the City or Canary Wharf?
Join our Career Capital Clubs from East London Business Alliance

What can Career Capital offer you?

- Employability skills development and guidance on what  graduate recruiters and employers are looking for in  successful candidates
- Insight into how businesses operate and networking opportunities with employees from across the sector you’re interested in and develop the skills to stand out
Application link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Spring2015CareerCapitalapplication

The Clubs

 Business Insights Club (apply by 12th Feb, 5pm)

For those interested in a career in the business and finance worlds
and want to find out more about the job roles available

Technology Club (apply by 12th Feb, 5pm)

For those interested in learning about the role of technology in the
workplace, and how it can be used in your job search

Built Environment Club (apply by 12th Feb, 5pm)

For those interested in construction, engineering, or architecture, an
opportunity to see construction projects in practice

 What do we need from you?

You must attend every session  starting with induction on  Wednesday 25th February from 3-5pm  and the clubs will start the following Wednesday (4th March). Depending on the club, the programme will then run for between 3 and 5 weeks (always on Wednesday, from 3-5pm).

- You must be interested in working in the sector that your chosen club connects with

To find out how to make an impact in your application, come to a briefing session to be held on Weds 28th January at 1pm  email careers.studentservices@londonmet.ac.uk to book a place



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