Develop your skills with The Gradbridge Award

Starting to wonder about what path you will take after university? Worried that you should be making plans for your future career? Wondering how you’re going to Stand Out?

Fortunately the ‘GRADBRIDGE® AWARD’ has arrived, providing the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd and impress employers in the race for those sought after internships and graduate jobs.

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The Gradbridge® Award is brought to you by the same team that has trained and developed staff in over 200 of the world’s greatest companies ensuring we know exactly what they’re looking for in their future talent.

You’re well on the way to achieving the first goal of securing a degree which is fantastic but now employers are looking for much more than just this. They want to interview candidates that can demonstrate that they have crucial ‘soft skills’ such as the ability to communicate clearly, work in a team, lead, solve problems, and adapt. Employers know that the candidates that can effectively demonstrate these skills make the best employees and get the best jobs.

For the first time you have the opportunity to enrol on the Gradbridge® Award, a 3 day, 2 night event in the South Downs from 2- 4 Sept 2015 that will test and develop the exact attributes that employers want to see and gives you the opportunity to stand out:

• Display the Gradbridge® Award on your CV to show employers that you have developed the additional attributes that they are looking for

• Draw upon your unique experiences at Gradbridge® in interviews to demonstrate to employers that you are ready to join their team

• Meet employers at the ‘Event Networking Evening’ and be added to the Gradbridge® database used by top businesses to identify future talent

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