The Star Track Fellowship: Applications open

Star Track is a six-month fellowship programme for diverse and driven 18–24 year olds that sets them up to flourish in both work and life. We do this through a series of weekly coaching sessions, personal reflection, professional experience and networking events.

Are you asking:

“What should I be doing with my life? What should my next steps be? How do I find people who are in the field I want to go in? Do I have the skills I need to get into my dream field?”

The Star Track fellowship programme works with you to help you find:

·      the next steps of your career journey,

·      what your strengths and skills are,

·      people within your dream field, and

·      paid work opportunities.

Don’t just take our word from it. Here’s what some of the people on the programme have said:

‘I have had a fantastic time working with and on the Spark+Mettle programme. I went on it to change my life and it has—BAFTA Scotland are taking me on full time… I fully believe that all I have learned with Spark+Mettle has helped me get here and helped me grow in confidence in my own abilities.’ – Isla

‘The Star Track experience has really help me understand and put into perspective the important aspects of professional life and has really helped me in my transition from finishing University and starting my first job in the film and television industry.’ – Iona

Through Spark+Mettle I have been given the chance to intern at Virgin…I wouldn’t have ever even applied… had it not been for Spark+Mettle.’ – Alice

 “[Star Track has] given me the connections and clearer picture to actually take the next steps in that career choice or business ventures.” – Kwabena

We are now recruiting for our 2015–16 programme, which will begin in late September. To register your interest, please fill out the following form:

If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact Kazvare, who would be happy to hear from you:



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