New graduate law guide: Seven Sins of Law Firm Interviews

National Accident Helpline, the UK’s leading provider of personal injury advice, has today

released a list of the most heinous mistakes made by law firm applicants.

With insights from top-level decision makers from the company’s panel of solicitors, the

results have been categorised into an easy-to-digest list of ‘seven deadly sins’. These are

aimed at guiding graduate law applicants through the intimidating process of applying for

their first position at a law firm.

The advice includes some counter-intuitive points which graduates would be wise to observe.

For instance, according to Janet Tilley, co-founder and National Managing Partner of Colemans-ctts, one of the worst things to say at interview can be the words: ‘I love the law’.

“The impression you get,” explains Tilley, “is that they’re going to sit there all day and study one case. That isn’t going to make a future lawyer.”

Other top gaffes include bad-mouthing employers on social media and turning up late, or extremely early!

You can read the full list of mistakes at:



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