Two London Met students talk about their volunteering experience

Two London Met students share their experience of volunteering with us.
Through this volunteering opportunity I have been able to gain insight into how a Housing Association works and the daily working routine in the office. I have been able to improve my communication skills by talking to other members of staff and tenants. The experience has helped me build my confidence in call handling and problem solving with tenants and contractors.  I have also been able to improve my techniques of writing letters and emails according to the subject provided.  This voluntary experience has not only helped me improve my existing skills but has provided the opportunity to learn new skills and has given me the confidence to apply for jobs requiring similar skills and a desire to learn more about the Housing Sector.  
 ( Shankeeta Thiru final year student) 
I  volunteered at the London Triathlon Show at the London Excel centre. As a team, we provided assistance to approximately 240 clients through physiological support in the form of fitness testing, over a period of four days. Some fitness tests I carried out were body composition, cycling, running and swimming lactate tests. This was beneficial for me to do as it allowed me to put the theory application into practice. It is important to practice the skills that have been learned. It is another way to adapt my clinical skills. Employers want to see commitment and experience. This has helped support my application for a MSc in Physiotherapy. Volunteering gave me laboratory skills such as being able to carry out and manage different fitness procedures in a clinical setting. Giving advice to clients has allowed me to work with my own initiative when having to make quick decisions with confidence. I developed my team working skills whilst taking on a leadership role within a team. Volunteering gave me the opportunity to develop my time management skills so I could complete testing on time which also required planning and organisation skills.Volunteering provided me with a opportunity to give advice which helped improve my communication skills and it also showed me that I needed to work on my listening skills to be more effective at giving advice. The skills listed have helped evaluate my knowledge of physiology and I am now aware of my weakness and strengths.  I will strongly recommend others to volunteer or aim to get some sort of experience. It can help build and develop different skills needed for a particular job, it can allow you to give something to society and help others, and make you feel good about yourself. Most importantly, volunteering can help you get one step closer to achieving your goals by helping you shape yourself as a better person.  
( Joel Amoako-Gyapong) final year student – Sports Science) 

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