New Scientist Careers advice evening – 10 November

New Scientist is hosting a careers advice evening, From Class to Career, aimed towards helping Science graduates with their career choice, whether to choose industry, academia or an area outside of science.

The evening event will feature 4 science graduates discussing their degree, the job they’re in now and how they’ve excelled since leaving university, including New Scientist Reporter, Hal Hodson.

The event itself is on 10th November at Imperial College and is only 7-8.30pm. Tickets are priced at just £10 per person and each attendee will receive a free careers guide, current New Scientist magazine and a New Scientist bookazine worth £8.99.

This is a great opportunity for science graduates to network and ask any questions they have around what to do next

The event information is here

This includes information about the location (it’s just around the corner from the Science Museum near South Kensington station) and you can buy tickets on the page to


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