Work experience opportunity in Strasbourg

Model European Union Strasbourg, or MEUS, is the original simulation of European politics. It is a week-long conference held in the seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, a city that embodies the spirit of the European Union. The participants get to experience the decision-making process of the EU by taking on the roles of various policy actors: MEPs, Ministers of the Council, Lobbyists, Journalists and Interpreters.

Interpreters play a pivotal role in MEUS: they interpret speeches, debates, meetings with lobbyists and press conferences, both from English into their mother tongue and from their mother tongue into English. They work mainly in the simultaneous mode, but they can also be asked to perform consecutive interpreting and chuchotage, thus getting the opportunity to hone in a variety of interpreting skills in a near real-life working environment.

For students and recent graduates in Translation and Interpreting Studies, this conference represents a unique opportunity to put their abilities to the test, gain first-hand interpreting experience in state-of-the-art booths at the European Parliament and meet other talented budding interpreters from all over Europe.

MEUS 2016 will take place from 2nd to 9th April 2016. The application period is now open and it will close on 11th January.

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