UN Internship opportunities

The UN has internships available in a number of areas

Who we are

The world looks to the United Nations for solutions to complex problems everywhere; from ending conflict and alleviating poverty, to combating climate change and defending human rights. The issues on our agenda are manifold and diverse as are the careers we offer.

The wide array of jobs means that you may change functions, departments, geographic locations, and even organizations or fields of work throughout your career in the Organization.

The diversity of our people, some 41,000 staff from our 193 Member States, means that you will find yourself working in multi-cultural teams with people from all backgrounds and cultures who have wide perspectives, experiences, expectations as well as approaches.

What we do

The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 and committed to maintaining international peace and security; developing friendly relations among nations; promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.

Career paths

There are few clearly marked career paths in the United Nations. The diversity of occupations and multidisciplinary mandates means that you may not only change functions, departments but even organizations or fields of work. While such shifts require learning, time and effort, they also provide valuable experience, broader perspectives and challenging work.

Geographic mobility is yet another way for you to positively affect your career in the United Nations. Career progression to senior levels depends, in part, on evidence of mobility, including service in difficult locations.

Your career path is a reflection of your aspirations and decisions about your professional development, where you play the leading role.






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