Anglo-TEFL Scholarship Program – Central and Eastern Europe

This is a new program operating in Central and Eastern Europe, where native speakers of English receive a fully-subsidized, accredited TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification along with hands-on practical teaching training. This practical training includes free hotel accommodation (including meals) at picturesque hotels across Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania.

The program would be particularly of interest to students who are interested in the fields of travel and/or education.

A participant in the Anglo-TEFL program spends at least two weeks – with all expenses paid – interacting with students, entrepreneurs and professionals from across Central and Eastern Europe. These “practical” weeks can either be back-to-back, or spread across the calendar year. Concurrently, Anglo-TEFL Scholarship recipients also receive access to Premier TEFL’s online TEFL training platform, which provides the theoretical knowledge necessary for a career switch.

Angloville’s immersion programs have been running since 2011, attracting more than 2000 English speakers from around the English-speaking world. The attendees are people of different backgrounds, a great number of whom seek a career change, or use a sabbatical to obtain a teaching qualification in order to open the door to the teaching world.

During the program, the English speakers help the local participants overcome language barriers through conversation exercises in beautiful countryside venues. As such, the program is a great opportunity to meet local people from all walks of life. The local participants range from students and avid travelers to high-level professionals. Past participants include a former Minister of the Hungarian government, the governor of a southern Polish province, one of Poland’s most successful entrepreneurs, the vice-president of one of the biggest shoe retail companies in Europe, and numerous TV and entertainment industry personalities.

The idea is to help the English speakers gain valuable teaching experience and qualifications while enjoying the discovery process of new countries and cities. There are Angloville programs based in Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw, Poznan and Wroclaw. Before the start of each program, English speakers can take part in a tour of one of those cities, combining travel, professional education and cultural exchange.

A key part of this program is that someone can visit three or four countries with no significant expenses. It would be possible to begin a trip by visiting an Angloville program near the famous Tatra Mountains in Poland, proceeding to a picturesque golf resort in the Czech countryside, and finishing the trip by exchanging conversation next to an open air pool in a natural thermal spa in Hungary.

It’s a great opportunity for people to get to know a culture and country by meeting its people, as well as meeting an interesting group of people from around the English-speaking world. Many people have attended multiple Angloville programs – in fact, there is a gentleman from the US who holds the record, having attended a total of 35 weeks’ worth of programs.

The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience means graduates of the Anglo-TEFL program are some of the best newly-qualified candidates in the TEFL teaching world.

For more information please contact Angloville: or +48 733 109 133

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