Research Fellowships to Japan

Annually, the Canon Foundation in Europe offers  grants up to 15 Fellowships to highly qualified European and Japanese researchers. Applicants should have obtained at least a Master’s degree in any discipline within the last 10 years. We will also consider candidates who obtained their qualification more than ten years ago as long as they provide further supporting information in their application. Non-nationals have to have a permanent citizenship in either Europe or Japan.
European Fellowship holders pursue their research period in Japan and Japanese do their research period in Europe. Canon Foundation Fellowships are for a minimum period of three months up to a maximum of one year. The financial support for Research Fellows ranges from 22,500 Euro to 27,500 Euro per year and pro-rata for different periods.
To apply: use the online application form on the Canon Foundation website.
Application deadline15 September 2016
All correspondence and applications should be made in English.
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