Are the things that are less important in your life receiving the most attention?

If you always wanted to attend a Time Management workshop but never made it, this online self-learning workshop is for you! This Time Management for Beginners Study Online session aims to enable you to feel confident in your own ability to manage your time and to facilitate an understanding of what time management entails.
By the end of this session you will be able to:
  • Understand what is meant by time management
  • Assess your own ability to manage time
  • List tips for improving in your management of time
  • Commit to personal time management goals for the future


You will have some time to think your answers to some questions posed. You will then complete a questionnaire, and list activities that you need to complete in the near future. You will then work out a priority system to assess your to-do list and learn some tips to manage your time more effectively.
More topics will be posted online (under the Skills Development: Online Learning tab) once they become availa
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