How do you feel writing a report differs from preparing an oral presentation?

If you always wanted to attend a Communication Skills workshop but never made it, this online self-learning workshop is for you! This Communication Skills for Beginners Study Online session aims to enable you to apply a range of interpersonal communication skills with confidence. 
By the end of this session you will be able to:
  • Describe the cycle of communication
  • Discuss how language is used to communicate information
  • Describe the importance of listening techniques
  • Use body language that encourages communication
  • Describe how using tone of voice is important in verbal communication.


You will learn the etymology of the word “communication”, the role of the brain and the cycle of communication. You will complete a written communication exercise and watch a “selective listening” video. You will then complete an interpretation and prioritisation of information exercise finishing with an exercise on tone of voice.

More topics will be posted online (under the Skills Development: Online Learning tab) once they become available.

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