Do you regularly speak up in meetings and discussions?

Photo credit: David Blackwell. via Foter.comCC BY-ND

If you always wanted to attend an Assertiveness Skills workshop but never made it, this online self-learning workshop is for you! This Assertiveness Skills for Beginners Study Online session aims to enable you to apply a range of assertiveness and communication skills with confidence.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Describe passive, assertive and aggressive behaviours
  • Discuss your own levels of assertiveness
  • Identify situations where you can be more assertive
  • Suggest methods of dealing with stress and set goals for managing your stress levels in the future


You begin the session by thinking of ways that people behave, followed by how you and others feel when these behaviours are used. You will then rate how assertive you are with different people in different situations. You will then think about areas in your life in which you would like to be more assertive. The session concludes with some top tips.

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