Koreo Prize: a national storytelling competition focused on complex social issues

The Koreo Prize, a national storytelling competition for young people, focused on complex social issues, is now open for submissions until 4th April 2017. This opportunity may be of significant interest to the students that you work with that have a real passion and commitment to creating social change.

What is the Koreo Prize?

The Koreo Prize is a national storytelling competition asking young people aged 18 – 27 to explore one of six key issues affecting the UK in a way that acknowledges their complexity. These issues are gender equality, social mobility, housing, wellbeing, community resilience and food security.

The prize invites submissions in any medium, from written prose to video, photography and art to a podcast, as a means of bringing one of these six, complex social issues to life.  This makes it relevant to students of all backgrounds and we’d be delighted to see a mix of mediums reflecting the diverse skills of your student population.

Why take part?

The prize itself offers a range of opportunities for finalists and winners including:

  • A £5,000 cash prize
  • Paid work placements, free learning opportunities, mentoring, work shadowing and access to global conferences.
  • Your work exposed to a judging panel of senior leading experts working across multiple sectors in this space
  • Your work collected into an online publication showcasing a new generation of talented thinkers committed to social change.

In addition to these rewards, entrants will be contributing to shaping the conversation around the biggest and most challenging social issues of our time, aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, set in a UK-context.

The Koreo Prize is open for submissions right now.  Students can download an application pack by visiting www.koreoprize.co.uk where applications are open until 3rd April 2017.

Meet the Koreo Prize team to hear all about how it works, what they’re looking for in an entry, more about the high-profile judges, examples of submissions, and support with your own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2irp-vTHCag

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