Day of Science and Careers London 2017

SCI will be running an event next month for scientific undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Day of Science and Careers London 2017 will take place on 26 April at SCI’s offices in Belgravia. The event is free and is targeted towards undergraduates, postgraduates and those in the early stage of their career. These events are designed to give information about the wide range of careers covered in the chemical, chemistry-using and other science based industries. Speakers from a range of industrial, academic and independent backgrounds will present their career pathway and offer insights into what to look out for and what to consider when choosing next steps.

SCI is a multidisciplinary scientific membership organisation. They promote innovation and education via forums and networks which support the delivery of charitable aim to advance the commercial application of chemistry related sciences into industry.

Further details can be found on the website:

Booking facility can be found via this bitly link:


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