Met Detective Recruitment

Met Police is giving people without previous police experience the chance to join us as a Trainee Detective Constable. 

You’ll begin with 18 weeks’ intensive training. Your training will include familiarisation visits to operational police buildings and coached visits to CID and safeguarding teams– putting your initial learning into practice – before being assigned to a borough where you’ll continue to develop the skills and knowledge required to become a Detective Constable.

You’ll develop quickly and will follow the Professionalising Investigation Programme (PIP), accredited by the College of Policing. You will investigate crimes as a PIP1 investigator, which deals with volume and priority crime such as theft and burglary, and later, PIP 2 – covering more serious and complex crime. You’ll undertake further advanced detective training once you have passed the National Investigators Exam. Every case means planning investigations, gathering evidence in different ways, interviewing suspects and securing witness statements. You’ll work towards securing evidence to charge, prepare files and handle court proceedings – all while learning about key legislation. You will have the opportunity to work in a safeguarding team working with partner agencies to keep people safe, protecting the vulnerable and ensuring that dangerous offenders are kept under control. Not only will you pick up the experience to take on a role that helps keep London safe, you’ll get to do it with a supportive and collaborative team.

Met Police is looking for people from all backgrounds, and all walks of life. You might be a graduate, ready to start your career. Or you might be working and looking for something more rewarding, challenging and impactful. However, you’ll need to hold a level 6 degree, or be an undergraduate expecting to achieve one. And due to the nature of the role, it’s important you have the right personal skills to excel. These include having a positive drive, the resilience to cope under pressure, an investigative mind, problem solving skills, great communication skills, and the emotional awareness to care for victims and witnesses. After all, they’re the people you’re doing this for. And the reason you’ll strive to make London and its local communities a safer place for everyone.

Met Police
Detective Constable
Starting Salary : £22,896 plus £6,711 London allowances

Apply Now :
Closing Date : 28 Jun 2017

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