Student Voices Required

The Bridge Group, a policy charity focused on social equality, would like to interview students to find out their views on a range of topics relating to careers and graduate ‘success’. They are looking to empower students in driving forward policy changes to promote greater social equality across the higher education system. In particular, over university policies to ensure that all students are given access to experiences to support them in achieving positive graduate outcomes.

Can you help?

The Bridge Group are offering £10 Amazon vouchers to students who participate in a 30-40 minute face-to-face interview with one of their experienced researchers. Possible dates are 2nd, 5th and 14th of February 2018.

If you are interested in giving time to help with this research, contact Neelam Thapar with your Full name, Student ID Number and phone number. Neelam will pass your details to The Bridge Group

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