Careers event – Introduction to Management Consulting

ThisĀ  is essentially a 2 week course that involves informative lectures, presentations, panel discussions and workshops all directed by key senior consultants within the Payments industry.

The intention is to provide an in-depth insight to students that have an interest in pursuing a career within management consulting.

After the 2 week programme, they will then select successful candidates for a full-time paid position with us at iBe TSE.

They are looking to recruit candidates for the Payments Academy who are in their final year of their studies (or recent graduates) of a numerical subject background.

Essentially, the Payments Academy will be a unique introduction in which candidates are offered training and knowledge within an evolving sector such as the payments industry and they can assess whether management consulting at iBe TSE is suited for them, whilst we can also assess whether they are the right fit for us.

Students that are interested can send their CVs and cover Letters

To find out more about Be TSE go to:





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