June careers workshops

Career Skills: Presentation Skills

Tuesday 18 June 10.00-1.00 TM1-03 Yellow Zone Roding

Feel confident in using your interpersonal skills to present information.
By the end of the session you will be able to: describe what makes a good presentation – focusing on the person, the tools and the preparation, apply practised techniques for reducing fears and apply practised presentation skills.

Assessment Centres

Tuesday 18 June  11.30-1.00 TM2-02 Yellow Zone Roding

This workshop is an introduction to assessment centres which are often used by large employers in graduate recruitment.

Preparing for Psychometric Tests – Verbal & Numerical Reasoning

Thursday 20 June 2.00 3.30 TM2-04 IT Lab Yellow Zone Roding

During this workshop you will learn about both numerical and verbal reasoning tests used by employers during recruitment. Participants will get the chance to look at example questions as a group and work through some further examples in a supportive environment.

Careers Skills: Time Management

Wednesday 26 June 10.00-12.00 TM2-02 Yellow Zone Roding

Feel confident in your ability to manage your time and develop your understanding of what time management entails.
By the end of the session you will be able to: understand what is meant by time management, assess your ability to manage time, list tips for improving in your management of time and commit to personal time management goals for the future.

Confidence for Careers Success

Wednesday 26 June 11.30-1.00 TM1-03 Yellow Zone Roding

This session will enable you to gain an insight into the impact and effects of confidence on your career development.and develop strategies to boost your level of confidence, achieve your career goals and build resilience. 11.30-1.00 TM1-03 Yellow Zone Roding


Wednesday 26 June 2.00-4.00 TM2-01 IT Lab Yellow Zone Roding

This is a practical and interactive job club, which gives students the opportunity to access Careers support, to explore the range of resources available, and to receive individual advice and guidance, and to apply for jobs

To book a place on any of these workshops please go to our r Eventbrite page.

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