Campus Society: 4 week summer programme placement

Campus Society are a student exclusive social network. Our platform is organised around shared interests and common experiences to enrich students’ lives outside of their studies. The CS platform is student-only and all students are verified.

We are looking for undergraduates of marketing, digital media & communications, journalism and any other disciplines looking for a general introduction into the social media industry, and the career opportunities it presents.

This course is a concentrated 4-week programme that offers a broad introduction to the social media network industry via the lens of Campus Society & Connectt ltd. In our Summer programme, students will meet professionals and learn amongst technology savvy teams.

The programme consists of focused workshops by Campus Society employees covering integral topics that characterise our organisation, project based work, research, company visits and product testing.

We will be covering food and travel (transport costs : up to £10 per day) per participant.

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