Startup Sprint 2020 – programme for students with a business idea – deadline for applications is midnight tonight

Have you ever wanted to start your own business or test an idea? Well, keep reading to find out about Accelerator’s upcoming Startup Sprint programme.

Startup Sprint is an amazing opportunity for you to develop a business idea, learn entrepreneurial skills and practice pitching over the course of 48 hours. The next Startup Sprint will be taking place from Friday 7 February to Sunday 9 February at Accelerator.

The Weekend Format

Startup Sprint is a meticulously structured intensive weekend that will take you from ideation stage to customer validation, through to creating a slide deck and pitching your new business.

The following diagram will explain what the weekend covers.


What’s in it for me?

You’ll be working on a new and exciting idea with 6 to 8 smart and motivated people from both London Met and London South Bank University, to shape, refine, evolve and pitch over the course of the weekend.

As well as….

- learning and practising new entrepreneurship skills

- broadening your immediate network with 50 new people, who are interested in business and entrepreneurship; and

- potentially find one or more people to join your team after the weekend is finished (teams are much more likely to succeed than sole founders)

In summary, this is an awesome opportunity which you should grab with both hands. It’s absolutely free for London Met students and graduates and we cover the cost of food and coffee over the weekend so you can concentrate fully on developing the idea.

Ready to apply?

The deadline for one of these coveted spots is midnight 31sth January.  The application will only take a couple of minutes and can be submitted at:

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