Free online guide: How students can get ahead post-Covid

A new online guide for students across the UK brings together advice from employers and entrepreneurs on the best ways to succeed in work and business after an unpredictable year

Jimmy Williams, CEO of Urban Jungle and Cambridge graduate, is amongst those offering advice on how to find employment in a tough marketplace in a new, online guide, How students can get ahead post-Covid

He says: “I feel young people have been cast out into the wild this year and they need guidance and support like never before. It’s been a really tough year for young people, from the A-level debacle to the bleaker job prospects many face. But I believe there are still a huge number of opportunities out there, despite what you might have read.”

Topics under discussion include how to make money through self-employment and side hustles, how to gain crucial skills and take advantage of the ‘tech skills gap’, and what employers are really looking for in the 2020s and beyond.

You can access the guide today for free at:

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