December careers workshops

3 December 11 am

Mature Students: Tips to Develop Effective Career Skills

This Careers workshop,aimed at mature students, will allow you to navigate the world of employability and allow you to confidently progress towards your chosen career.

4 December  11.00 am


This workshop is an introduction to your professional presence online and the networking site LinkedIn. In this interactive session you will gain an insight into the different ways in which you can use LinkedIn and learn about the key elements of developing an effective LinkedIn profile.

7 December 2 pm

Psychometric Tests – Verbal & Numerical Reasoning

During this workshop you will learn about both numerical and verbal reasoning tests used by employers during recruitment. Participants will get the chance to look at example questions as a group and work through some further examples in a supportive environment.

9 December 11.00 am

Develop your Video Interviewing skills

In the current climate, employers are adopting a virtual approach to hiring and conducting interviews remotely. Using our own webinar format this workshop provides an essential guide to delivering an effective interview performance. Whether you are a current student or recent graduate about to embark on your career journey, this session is designed for you. It takes you through the various types and stages of the interview process and what is typically involved.

This is an interactive session to help you develop strategies for responding to interview questions and present your strengths so that employers see their value to the organisation. You will be introduced to additional resources that you can use to practice and hone your interview skills so that you approach the selection process with greater confidence.

17 December 2.00 pm

Job Searching

Job Search can be a complicated process. This workshop will help you develop strategies when looking for part time and full time vacancies and make your job search more effective.

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