Bright Network’s new virtual events

Bright Network & Partners: Core skills series

We are really excited to announce the launch of our partner, Bright Network’s brand new virtual event series which are open to London Met students and graduates. This term develop your core skills across three key areas: entrepreneurship, networking and commercial awareness. Click the links below to explore the events and register your place.

Tuesday 9th March at 5pm: Launching and running a start-up:

Gain top advice on how to get started with your very own business venture, from those who did it themselves, all whilst at university. Discover the key speakers and sign up here.

Tuesday 16th March at 5pm: Building a network for your future:

With over 85% of jobs filled through networking, it’s no surprise why this is a skill you’ll want to develop as early as possible. This is the session where you’ll discover not only how to connect with great contacts for your career but also how to effectively approach them and maintain these relationships. Discover the key speakers and sign up here.

Tuesday 23rd March at 5pm: Why everyone needs commercial awareness and how to build it:

For our final workshop, we’ll be debunking the myths and breaking it all down for you to help you understand commercial awareness. This is one of the top skills graduate employers look for in their candidates and there’s no time like the present to start developing it. Discover the key speakers and sign up here.

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