£2000 Student Grant Opportunity

Entrants will be asked to submit a 1,000-word pitch on the subject of: “How can universities or colleges reduce their carbon footprint? The route to net zero.”

We want to hear about how your students think universities can improve sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. There is a template document available to help students submit their entries. A few important things to know are:

  • Entry is open to all students in the UK over the age of 16.
  • One pitch per student
  • Prize money is awarded as a cash transfer. It is encouraged that students spend this on furthering their studies but we will not request any details on how the money is used.

All the rest of the details are on the website.

Entries close Sunday 28th of March 2021.

All the details can be found here (including how to enter) https://www.chas.co.uk/chas-competition-landing-page/

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