One Hour Project – an opportunity to talk to an industry expert

Are you interested in having a one hour conversation with an industry expert?

We are pleased to promote an external national project, the One Hour Project, that aims to help those who do not have a privileged background and are the first in their family to complete a degree to access a professional network. These networks open doors for students, enabling them to make sense of different opportunities and make informed career choices. Through the 1 Hour Project you will learn more about your strengths and gain confidence.

Please go to the website and apply

There is a useful video here to watch

This is what one of our students who took part has said:

“I loved the experience. The person I was put in contact with was very kind, in fact, our conversation lasted longer than the hour we had planned, she answered all my questions and offered me her help for the future in case I needed it……I think it is very useful to talk to professionals living in London to know what to expect when looking for a job or starting your own business”.

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