How to Minimise Stress During the Job Hunt

How to Minimise Stress During the Job Hunt

The job hunt can be stressful. After stepping out of the safety net of university and into the big wide world, it can be difficult to know where to turn next.

You’ll be up against thousands of graduates with the same degree and skills as you in the job market. Standing out from the crowd isn’t always easy.

The truth is that there is no quick fix to finding the ideal graduate job or internship and remaining calm throughout the process doesn’t come naturally to everyone. However, you will find your dream job in the end, providing you stick at it and don’t give up.

Here are some top tips on keeping your stress levels down during the job hunt:

Maintain a perspective

Job hunting can be more stressful than ever within an unstable economic climate, so hang in there! While it may feel as though your world is crashing down, this situation won’t last forever.

While it can be difficult to stay optimistic during testing times, maintaining a positive outlook will allow you to face any challenges that are thrown your way. Setting short-term goals may be the way forward.

Think about the career path you wish to go down and the small steps you need to take to get there.

Manage your time well

It’s easy to get obsessed with browsing job boards but spending hours and hours each day on these sites will only stress you out more, especially if nothing new comes up.

Set a daily schedule and stick to it.

During the first week of job hunting, for example, re-write your CV and cover letter. For the next few weeks, spend a couple of hours each day applying for jobs that interest you.

Make a list of the jobs you’re applying to and make a note of any contact details that may come in useful.

 Ask for help

If you start to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of job hunting, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Having someone to talk to will help you alleviate any worries and get some advice as to how to progress in your search.

Your Careers team is on hand to provide support for students and recent graduates to get on the career ladder, so book an appointment to see if they can help. They also provide support for up to three years after graduation.

 Take time for yourself

Although you may be unemployed, you still deserve time for yourself. Endless job hunting can lead to burnout and exhaustion – especially when you’re stressed.

Ensure you’re getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting enough exercise.

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Guest article by Laura Bill, Inspiring Interns

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