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Britain At Work : Voices From The Workplace 1945-1995

The experiences of working people through interviews, images and documents, recording some of the most important events in recent labour history

Business Source Complete

Contains full text journals plus summaries to some articles available full text elsewhere and market research data. Subjects covered are accounting, banking, business, economics, finance, management, sales & marketing, logistics & transport. Contains full text of the Harvard Business Review from 1922. Datamonitor, Gartner and others provide market research, industry reports and company reports & SWOT analysis. The Economist Intelligence Unit provides some country reports

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies (EEMCS) is an online collection of peer-reviewed case studies focusing on business decision making and management development throughout key global emerging markets. Case are written by case writers working in or closely with developing economies. offering perspectives with global appeal. EEMCS addresses the increasing demand from business educators and practitioners for quality-controlled teaching cases focusing on global emerging markets. We have access to the 2011-2016, 2018 and 2019  case studies.

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ESDS (Economic And Social Data Service)

Requires registration for first time use

The Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) is a national data service providing access and support for an extensive range of key economic and social data, both quantitative and qualitative, spanning many disciplines and themes. ESDS provides an integrated service offering enhanced support for the secondary use of data across the research, learning and teaching communities.


A database of information on companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Company information typically includes: contact information, activity details, credit score and rating, security and price information, names of bankers and auditors, details of holdings and subsidiaries, names of current and previous directors, heads of departments, and shareholders, and scans of the company’s latest annual reports

Landmap Project

Contributed Landsat Satellite Mapping Data.

Main Economic Indicators (OECD)

Presents comparative statistics that provide an overview of recent international economic developments through the presentation of a wide range of short-term economic indicators for the OECD member countries, 5 area totals and selected non-member countries.  Contains data on national accounts, industrial production, employment, prices, business trends, finance and trade for the major world economies  and runs from January 1960 to the current month.


Mintel offers access to a range of UK consumer, media and market research reports covering a wide variety of sectors including international travel and tourism and country reports. Each report links to relevant industry news and company information.

Monthly Bulletin Of Statistics

It contains 53 tables, comprising over 100 indicators, of monthly, quarterly and annual data on a variety of subjects illustrating important economic trends and developments, including population, industrial production indices, price indices, employment and earnings, energy, manufacturing, transport, construction, international merchandise trade, finance and national accounts. Most data starts from 2000.


A unique integrated international market research database with country data, consumer lifestyles, consumer market sizes, forecasts, companies and brands, information sources, major market profiles, market analysis.


Quandl is a data platform, hosting numerical data from hundreds of publishers. A repository of time-series data on the internet, tailored for academics, researchers, students and other data professionals, it allows you to quickly access financial and economic data in any format you want. Over 7 million time-series datasets in the domains of economics, finance, demography, society, markets, energy, health and education from a variety of reliable public sources: every single dataset comes with a link back to its original source, so users can always validate and attribute the data correctly.  You can find data for commodities, futures, stock indexes, interest rates, currencies;  data on real estate, energy, health, education, economics, demography and society; country-specific data for 200 countries including global stock markets; corporate data and financial ratios going back up to 10 years.


Statista is an online statistics portal. It provides access to data from market and opinion research institutions, as well as from business organizations and government institutions. According to the company, the platform has statistics on over 80,000 topics, covering Europe (with a focus on the United Kingdom), the United States and China, from more than 18,000 sources. Categorized into 21 market sectors, provides companies, business customers, research institutions, and the academic community with direct access to quantitative data on media, business, finance, politics, and a wide variety of other areas of interest or markets.  Data sources include market research reports, such as the Ipsos Affluent Survey published annually by Ipsos Media, Simmons National Consumer Studies and Consumer Insights from Scarborough Research, as well as trade publications, scientific journals, and government databases

UK Data Service

A unified point of access to data from ESDS, Census Programme, Secure Data Service and others – requires registration for first time use, login via UK Federation

UK Parliamentary papers

The U.K. Parliamentary Papers are a primary source for Britain, its colonies, and the wider world. They are the working documents of the British government for the areas of social, political, economic, and foreign policy. The database covers Bills, Reports of Royal Commissions, Reports of Select Committees, Accounts and Papers and other materials from 1695 to 2005

Union Makes Us Strong

This is an online library of images relating to the history of the trade union movement. It also contains a number of digitised and fully searchable historical resources such as the TUC Annual Congress report 1868-1968.

World Development Report Online

The World Development Report (WDR) Online has been produced by the World Bank and allows access to these reports. The reports are deemed to be one of major analytical publications of the World Bank.


Search engine for numerical data that displayed as graphs, charts and tables.