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Making digital course content more accessible


Ally is a new tool on Weblearn that allows students to access module files in accessible file formats without the need to replace the current files or make any changes to your modules – Ally does all the work!

Ally will scan the files on Weblearn and produce an accessibility score. This score is symbolized by a little gauge next to the document/image which will now appear in your modules.

Green gauge icon Orange gauge icon Red gauge icon

When you click on the gauge you’ll be provided with guidance about how to improve the accessibility of content for everyone, and to provide students of all abilities with immediate access to content in formats that may be more suited to their specific needs.

Ally creates these alternative accessible formats:

  • OCR version for scanned documents
  • Audio
  • Tagged PDF version of Word and Powerpoint files
  • Semantic HTML
  • ePub
  • Electronic braille

Ally for students

Students do not see the gauges next to the module files, instead they will be able to open accessible versions of the original document by clicking on a chevron next to the document title in Weblearn.

How students access other file formats





Ally supports the inclusive curriculum by allowing students to access their module content in a format that suits them, eg:

  • use accessible versions of files for use with assistive technologies.
  • listen to Audio versions.
  • view a Weblearn document in an eBook format which will optimize text according to their device.

Information and guidance for staff:


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